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AirDeck«, is a new, worldwide patented floor system that is creating a true revolution in the construction industry.  It will reduce construction costs and increase efficiency in all sorts of multi-storey building projects - car parks, apartment buildings, office buildings, industrial and utility structures, and many others besides. 

This monolithic floor system with bidirectional loadbearing capability is based on a formwork panel fitted with an array of robot-placed airboxes, which are weight-saving hollow elements.

The technique is an ingenious example of applied technology.  All the base reinforcement is placed on top of the framework panel.  The lattice trusses in the bottom shell serve as lifting points, stiffen the shell during handling and installation, and provide perfect bonding with the cast-in-place concrete.  Fully computer-controlled production allows units to be made to measure.  This makes them extremely flexible with regard to design and configuration and allows all your wishes regarding cutouts and cast-in elements to be accommodated. 


The result: faster, more efficient construction - and that means lower costs!
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