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Airdeck: a truly unique lightweight floorsystem 

By applying Airdeck you can easily create a flat floor with numerous possibilities for future flexibility of the building.

How it works?

The Airdeck system consists of a concrete element with Airboxes op top of it. These void formers provide considerable weight savings for a floor.

Airdeck in 5 steps

The Airdeck system in 5 steps

Airdeck vloer


Airboxes are available in several heights.

Floors available from 200mm to 500mm (and more)

Advantages Airdeck

Main benefits at a glance 

  • Less on-site concrete and crane movements

  • Flat floors: no beams or supporting walls

  • Large spans

  • Lighter building structure, less excavations and lighter foundations

  • More efficiency on-site: less formwork and temporary works

  • Completely according to EC2 and other building regulations

Airdeck vlakke vloer
  • With Airdeck, you can count on an experienced floor supplier.  We coordinate the full design and engineering and we supply the floors on your site at the agreed time. Moreover, we support your site teams for the correct installation of the system.

Range and floor thicknesses 

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Airdeck can be applied in floor thicknesses of 220 to 500 mm (and more).


With our range of floor thicknesses we can offer a good solution for every floor thickness.

Based on the desired span and the required load combination, we come up with the most optimized floor solution.

Questions or projects?

Range and floor thicknesses
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