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 Solutions for every type of building 

Because of their lightweight, Airdeck-floors have important influences on a complete building structure

  • Lighter and thinner floors

  • Less columns

  • Larger spans

  • Flat floors: no beams or supporting walls

  • Large open spaces for optimal remodeling

  • Fast installation of MEP

  • More clear height per floor level

  • Flexible building structure

Sustainable savings 

Less concrete
Less steel
Less transport
Less water
Less CO2

With Airdeck: absence of beams creates more height. One extra floor is possible!

Without Airdeck: structure with beams and columns with loss of valuable building height

Sustainable savings

All types of buildings 

Airdeck-floors can be used in any type of building: 

  • Office buildings

  • Parkings

  • Hospitals

  • Schools

  • Public buildings

  • Elderly care

  • Appartements

  • .....

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All types of buildings

Our specialty: hospitals 

Building hospitals is quite a challenge. Hospitals require long-term flexibility. They need to be designed in a specific way to make sure they can adopt all future modifications. A building structure with Airdeck can guarantee the desired flexibility. 

Airdeck lightweight floors are used to create open and flexible spaces in combination with large spans. They can even be built without beams or supporting walls. This enables maximal spacing in the suspended ceilings for the integration of technical installations. Even future modifications - such as the remodeling of spaces, the integration of new equipment or even completely new operating theaters - are easily managed with Airdeck.

The vertical transition of new technical installations through Airdeck’s building structure is possible in close collaboration with your structural engineers. Airdeck has specific drilling protocols which enable to make holes in the floors.

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No beams or supporting walls

  • More room for MEP

  • No structural elements that block MEP

  • More clear height


Easy transition of MEP

  • Flat floors with excellent structural characteristics

  • Faster and cheaper horizontal installation of MEP 

  • Vertical transition of MEP by shafts of openings


Remodeling features

  • Futureproof building structure

  • Easy to remodel

  • Coring in the floor is possible with Airdeck's unique drilling protocols.

Our specialty: hospitals
Case: ZNA Antwerp
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